The Vitality Series

The Vitality range suits all pockets and all mouths. The range is affordable, with prices starting at around £9.99, and diverse - there are around five varieties of Vitality brush head. The biggest selling Oral B range, you are sure to find a Vitality toothbrush to suit your individual dental needs. Main features of the range:

-The Vitality range has been clinically proven to remove twice as much plaque as manual toothbrushes for a thorough oral clean.

-All Vitality models have an ergonomic, easy to grip handle and non slip grip. They are available in a variety of colours.

-All Vitality brush heads are small, compact and circular, allowing you to clean hard to reach areas. Vitality brushes oscillate around 7, 600 times per minute.

-Most models feature a two minute timer to ensure that you brush your teeth for the recommended time.

-Vitality battery life is 5 - 14 days and all brushes include a charger and stand.

-All Vitality brush heads should be replaced every three months, or, whenever the coloured Indicator tips have faded halfway.

- Vitality brushes have a two year limited warranty.

Models include:

Braun Oral B

Professional Care 4000

Professional Care Smart Series 5000 with Smart Guide

Professional Care 3000/8850

Professional Care 1000/7400

The Vitality Series