Colgate Actibrush

The Actibrush is Colgate’s basic level and most affordable battery powered toothbrush. It retails at around £7.99 with replacement heads available for £3.50 for two.

The brush has a both a small, round head with soft cup shaped bristles and a unique Active Cleaning Tip. The head oscillates to effectively sweep plaque and food debris from the surface of each tooth, while the Active Cleaning Tip reaches between the teeth and along the gum line.

The brush head has a long neck for extra manoeuvrability within the mouth and it has a chunky, easy to hold handle with a non-slip rubber grip.

The Actibrush is suitable for both adults and children over the age of 4. It is recommended however that children under the age of 6 are supervised by adults.

The Actibrush can safely be used on braces, dentures, and dental restorations.

Batteries need to be replaced approximately every 2 months and brush heads should be replaced every 3 –6 months.


Colgate Actibrush

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