Colgate Motion Kids

Like its adult counterpart the Colgate Motion Kids has a dual action head to clean between the teeth, their surfaces and along the gum line. The brush however is scaled down with a smaller head, softer bristles and a small easy to grip handle.

The brush handle is also adorned with 3D designs suitable for both girls and boys. Choose for example from Barbie, a ballerina, a dinosaur or fire truck.

An electric toothbrush is often beneficial for children; as they are less dextrous it ensures a more thorough clean than with a manual brush. The fun designs also encourage children to brush their teeth and so they develop good oral hygiene habits at a young age.

The Colgate Motion Kids is recommended for children over the age of 3. Brushing should always be supervised for children until the age of 6.

Like the adult brush the batteries will last for around three months. The brush head however, is not replaceable.

Colgate Kids Battery Operated Toothbrushes are, like the Colgate Motion Kids brushes, easy to operate kids’ toothbrushes with a small handle and small head. Instead of a 3D design however, the toothbrushes have fun graphics, for example Wall E and Dora the Explorer.


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