Colgate Motion

The battery powered Colgate Motion (around £5.99) has a round oscillating brush for the effective elimination of plaque and bacteria and to polish the teeth. The UK model also has multi height, stationary bristles for sweeping away plaque and for a thorough clean between teeth and along the gum line, whereas the US model has an additional rotating microtip head for a deep clean.

Both models also have a long ergonomic neck for added flexibility when cleaning hard to reach areas and a chunky, translucent handle with a non slip grip.

Although the Colgate Motion is suitable for supervised children, the manufacturer suggests the Colgate Motion Kids, which is designed for smaller mouths and hands.

The Colgate Motion is suitable for use on dentures, braces and restorations

For optimum cleaning power the brush head and batteries should be replaced every three months.

The Colgate Motion Whitening (available only in the USA) acts in the same way as the Colgate Motion but the bristles incorporate soft rubber polishers to remove stains and gently whiten teeth.


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