The Omron Corporation was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1933 and has since become a world leader in electronics, specifically healthcare products. As well as electronic toothbrushes, Omron also sells home blood pressure kits and digital thermometers. Omron has also developed body fat monitors and respiratory inhalation devices.

All of Omron's electronic toothbrushes work by using sonic technology, which gently removes plaque from the teeth and gums. There are three different heads that are available for the Omron brushes; Triple Cleaning Head, which uses three different bristles; Super-Fine Soft Bristle Head, for sensitive teeth and gums; and the Point Brush, used for cleaning braces or spaces between teeth.

Some of the models have 30 second timers to encourage systematic brushing, while all of them have a three minute timer; the ideal time for brushing morning and night.


Omron Sonic Style 450 Electric Toothbrush

Omron Sonic Style 456 Electric Toothbrush

Omron Sonic Style 201 Battery Operated Electric Toothbrush

Omron Sonic Style 458 Electric Toothbrush

Omron HT-B453 Electric Toothbrush