Sonicare for Kids

The Philips Sonicare for Kids is the combination of sonic cleaning technology and child friendly features. These include;

Kid timer – The timer increases brushing time over 90 days, building towards the dentist recommended two minutes.

Kid pacer – Fun sounds encourage children to brush both the top and bottom teeth.

A choice of brush heads –The Sonicare for Kids has a range of age appropriate brush heads in different sizes.

Two power modes – The low power mode is suitable for use by children aged 4 to 6; the high power mode is for ages 7+.

Interchangeable panels – Fun panels allow children to customize and change the look of their toothbrush.

Chunky handle – The easy grip handle is perfect for smaller hands.

The Sonicare for Kids lasts three weeks between charges and comes with a multi voltage charger.

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Sonicare for Kids


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