A-Dec is a family firm that manufactures a range of dental health care products. Started in 1964 by Ken and Joan Austin, the vision of the company has always been to 'provide a quality environment where people work together for the betterment of dentistry worldwide.'

From its early beginnings A-Dec has always strived to maintain an ethical approach to the development and manufacture of dental products. This resulted in the company producing products which were needed rather than wanted.

The company also keeps an eye on the green agenda. For example, the company’s flagship subsidiary ' Rota-Dent ' is committed to ensuring all its tooth care products are of high quality, while still using parts and materials which can be recycled. The subdivision was started as a partnership between A-Dec and the local Rotary club.

Today the Rota-Dent system is overseen by members of two local rotary clubs and a director of A-Dec. This ensures the effective distribution of the Rota-Dent product worldwide.


Rota-Dent Electric Toothbrush

Rota-Dent Brush Heads