Rota-Dent Brush Heads

There are 3 Rota-Dent interchangeable brush heads to select from. These are the hollow brush head, the short tip brush head and the long tip brush head.

The Hollow brush head is designed to clean the surface of the teeth and under the gums, while the short tip brush head is used for cleaning between the teeth as well as under the gums. It is also useful for cleaning under braces.

The Long tip brush head, as might be expected, is used to reach areas of the mouth not accessible by the other two brushes. It is also useful for cleaning big spaces between teeth. This is particularly important when roots are exposed and where the user is wearing fixed bridges as well as suffering from other periodontal conditions.

There are also 4 different coloured tips to select from to match the Rota-Dent Electric Toothbrush.


Rota-Dent Electric Toothbrush

Rota-Dent Brush Heads