Rota-Dent Electric Toothbrush

The Rota-Dent Electric Toothbrush uses microfilament brush tips to clean teeth. The patented design allows the user to reach below the gum line and in between teeth; something traditional brushes are unable to do.

The toothbrush is also clinically confirmed to remove plaque and bacteria in the teeth’s periodontal pockets, something other brushes have difficulty reaching. This is of major importance as it effectively gives the mouth almost a whole cleaning.

The microfilaments brush the teeth at 90,000 movements per second. This is much faster than many comparable electric toothbrushes.

The brush comes with 2 Hollow Brush Heads, 1 Short Tip Brush Head, 1 Handle Unit, 1 Rota-Dent Charger, 1 Brush Head stand, 1 Tongue Cleaner and Rota-Point Interdental Cleaners.

There are also 4 colours to select from.


Rota-Dent Electric Toothbrush

Rota-Dent Brush Heads