Ultra Sonex SU700

The SU700 uses Ultra Sonex’s patented technology to eliminate plaque and remove 97% of bacteria from the teeth and up to 5mm below the gumline. It is a dual function brush, using high frequency sonic waves (1.6 MHz) together with orbital vibration (at 18,000 strokes per minute) for a complete oral clean.

The SU700 is suitable for a range of individual oral requirements; it has three modes: Ultrasound High, Ultrasound Medium and Ultrasound Only. It has a lightweight soft touch handle for an easy grip and extra manoeuvrability around the mouth.

The toothbrush has a built in three minute timer which alerts you every 30 seconds to ensure that you evenly clean the whole mouth. The Ultra Sonex SU700 is rechargeable; a travel charger, three replacement brush heads and a convenient travel case are included with the brush.

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Ultra Sonex SU700

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