The company behind the Wisdom range of oral healthcare products was established over 200 years ago by William Addis and is now well known as a reputable maker of oral hygiene products. Addis is globally recognised as the inventor of what we today call a toothbrush and the company he founded has continued to produce new and innovative designs and products relating to oral hygiene.

As well as a range of regular toothbrushes ' with varying head designs and gadgets to improve oral healthcare ' mouthwashes and dental flosses, Wisdom make three different types of electric toothbrush. These popular brands use rotating bristles and the different types of heads available on their regular brushes help to remove more food and plaque from the surfaces in your mouth and from between your teeth. Most are suitable for children to use as well as adults and either recharge in the home or are portable and powered by batteries.


Wisdom SpinBrush II

Wisdom Power plus Rechargeable Toothbrush

Wisdom Deep Clean Micro Toothbrush