Wisdom Deep Clean Micro Toothbrush

The Wisdom Deep Clean Micro Toothbrush is an innovative development in electronic toothbrushes; a standard model with an added filament that helps to whiten and brighten the teeth. Although the effects are not as impressive as actually having teeth whitening done, it will improve stained or discoloured teeth enough to give you confidence in your smile again. The whitening filament has 20,000 vibrations per minute, providing effective cleaning for teeth and gums as well as the whitening properties.

The model also has an unusual spiral-shaped head, which makes it easier to get into all areas of the mouth, even those areas that are traditionally difficult to reach, such as gaps between teeth, the back of the mouth and the rear of the teeth. The Wisdom Deep Clean Micro Toothbrush is powered by battery and is operated by a simple on/off button. Once you have applied the toothpaste, you simply brush as usual for two minutes for a clean feeling mouth.


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Wisdom Deep Clean Micro Toothbrush