Wisdom SpinBrush II

The Wisdom SpinBrush II is an electronic toothbrush that uses a rotating head to more effectively to clean food from between teeth and plaque from the surfaces of your mouth. It can be used by adults and even children over the age of three. The rotating head is especially good at removing plaque from below the gum line while the bristles themselves gently massage the gums to give your mouth an extensive clean.

There is only one speed on this rotating brush, which is powered by a battery. The Wisdom SpinBrush II is easy to operate, with just one non-slip button on the handle of the brush. The bristles are specially designed to leave your teeth feeling clean and polished. The lightweight model is much cheaper than many of the electronic toothbrushes currently on the market and you can customise the handle of the SpinBrush with your favourite colours; a feature that children will enjoy.


Wisdom SpinBrush II

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